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       Service Brass was founded in 1909 as DeSanno Foundry & Machine Company. Today, Service Brass is a leading west coast manufacturing company operating a modern non-ferrous foundry and a CNC machine shop. We offer non-ferrous castings and fully machined products to our customers' specifications. In addition, we manufacture a proprietary line of fire hydrant adapters, fittings and valves which are distributed to the water works and fire protection industries through our Service Brass Fittings Division.

       Our modern 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant is located on a three acre parcel in Phoenix, Arizona. We have continuously invested in the latest technology and both our foundry and machine shop are automated with CNC equipment. We are within a mile of two major interstate highways and only minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport. Situated in the center of the Sunbelt, Phoenix is ideally suited for year round manufacturing without weather related production delays.

     Our commitment to our customers is unequaled in the industry. We are aware that our customers rely on parts manufactured by us to be of the highest quality and on time. We work closely with our customers to ensure these objectives are met.


All manufacturing processes are performed in the United States of America. All raw materials utilized are brand new & purchased from domestic suppliers. During the manufacturing process, all of the brass alloys we provide have undergone extensive quality inspections. The limited usage of steel for wrenches and high-quality aluminum for raw castings are both new & are purchased in the USA.

We are dedicated to providing high caliber products to our customers.

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